Pricing may vary depending on volume and sending quality

CountryCountry CodeNetwork (MNC)Price/SMS
Malaysia60YES (152)FROM RM 0.085
Malaysia60XOX Com Sdn Bhd (1957)FROM RM 0.085
Malaysia60XOX Com Sdn Bhd (195)FROM RM 0.085
Malaysia60Unifi Malaysia (153)FROM RM 0.085
Malaysia60U Mobile (18)FROM RM 0.085
Malaysia60Tune Talk (150)FROM RM 0.085
Malaysia60Talk Focus Sdn Bhd (154)FROM RM 0.085
Malaysia60Telekom Malaysia Bhd (11)FROM RM 0.085
Malaysia60Samata Communications Sdn Bhd (155)FROM RM 0.085
Malaysia60REDOne Sdn Bhd (1956)FROM RM 0.085
Malaysia60Packet One Networks (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (153)FROM RM 0.085
Malaysia60Maxis (17)FROM RM 0.085
Malaysia60Maxis (12)FROM RM 0.085
Malaysia60Digi Telecommunications (10)FROM RM 0.085
Malaysia60Digi Telecommunications (16)FROM RM 0.085
Malaysia60CelCom (13)FROM RM 0.085
Malaysia60CelCom (19)FROM RM 0.085
Malaysia60Baraka Telecom Sdn Bhd (151)FROM RM 0.085
Malaysia60Art900 (01)FROM RM 0.085
Malaysia60Altel Communications Sdn Bhd (156)FROM RM 0.085
Malaysia60Electcoms Wireless Sdn Bhd (20)FROM RM 0.085
Malaysia60All (all)FROM RM 0.085

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