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Frequently Asked Questions

Sign Up

We accept everyone! Malaysians and non-Malaysians with a valid mobile number and email address can sign up for a free account. Sign up is completely free!

Yes, it is compulsory for you to fill in a valid mobile number as a temporary password will be sent to your mobile number and you may change your password once you have successfully logged in. If you’re having a problem receiving your password, kindly contact us.

There are no setup fees and no monthly charges.

You may contact us directly or we will contact you to complete your account setting. Our experienced and friendly staff will guide you on which sending route/ option is the most suitable for your usage.

We don’t have a free trial or testing, you may try our service by making your first credit purchase.

You may click on the “Oops! I’ve forgotten my password” button and key in your registered email address, a temporary password will be sent to your email and you may change the password later on.

SMS Credits

No, there’s no expiration date for your SMS credits and it will remain to be valid until it is fully utilized.

Once we have tracked your payment and it’s cleared, your SMS credits will be released immediately and we will inform you. An invoice receipt will be issued to you and be sent to your registered email in our system.

On the contrary, for payment which made through Interbank Giro (IBG) and cheques, your SMS credits will only be released once payment is cleared.

You may check with us on the packages we have and you may purchase the SMS credits based on the package you prefer. The higher the volume purchased, the lower the cost per credit will be.

Yes, your credit will be charged and deducted because our servers have already sent SMS to telco servers while there’s no refund.


You can make your payment through bank transfer or bank in through Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) to our company’s account. Besides that, we also accept payment made by cheques. Yes, you can top up your account using online banking methods as well.

Once payment is made, please inform us your payment details along with your payment slip and bank account holder name as a proof of payment in order for us to track your payment.

The minimum top up is RM 100 (2,000 credits) and there’s no limit for maximum amount on how much you can top up either in a month or year. You may top up as much as you want according to your own usages and purposes. Remember, enjoy more savings when you buy more.